The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Our Parish Feast Day | June 16, 2023

It is obvious to anyone who walks through the doors at Most Sacred Heart that our Church is beautiful.

However, as beautiful as our church building is, the true beauty is in what it holds. For it holds Love. Our Mission Statement says it so well: Loved by God, we love this world. The real beauty comes from you and by how you live this mission. For a look at just a very few of the ways that life and love were evident this year, please enjoy this video.

During daily Mass today, Fr Joe helps us see the most true thing of all. 

More ways to celebrate:

  • Recommit yourself to The Most Sacred Heart Way celebrating who we are as a parish.
  • You can also view a virtual tour of Most Sacred Heart Church to help understand the meaning behind the design of our beautiful worship site.
  • Check out this special Feast Day card for opportunities of prayer, table talk, reflection, and of course, a bit of humor.